Genetics based Field Test Development Process

MrPi Genetics Based Field Test Development


What is it?

For Organizations that need to develop cost effective, highly accurate and highly portable diagnostic tests for specific pathogens or groups or pathogens such as:

  • Viral Pathogens
  • Bacterial Pathogens
  • Fungal Pathogens

The MrPi Genetics Based Test is a test we develop according to your specific needs allowing you to be more effective in the lab and in the field.

Specific Pathogen Identification

The genetic methods used in our LAMP Primer Solution kits insure you can detect and read even the smallest quantities of your specific pathogen at even the earliest stages of the pathogens development. The results are easily identifiable when the tube solution turns a noticeable color

Fast and Highly Effective Results

Tests can be produced and supplied at a fraction of todays testing cost and can detect a positive in as little as a few minutes time or detect even the most minuet traces at less than 45 minutes.

Cost Effect

Once the tests is developed to your pathogen spec, our partners can supply cost effective testing on an ongoing basis, lease the compound or if you prefer to manufacture the solution, the solution can be developed for your organization as a service.

Single or Multi-Pathogen, Field or Lab

Our field tests come in two different forms. The first is a single field test tube option that can be deployed to the field with the necessary equipment to train and accurately detect target pathogens and their development stage.
The second option can provide a multi-pathogen panel , built to be used with a standard PCR Thermocycler in lab and can detect a multitude of pathogens.
Field tests are self contained, highly cost effective and highly stable, designed to withstand variable climates and hold up without refrigeration or any other special treatment. They can be built to operate without electricity and can handle most samples elegantly so they can easily be deployed anywhere in the world.

Engagement Models

The engagement process typically takes 30-45 days from the initial consultation to the delivery of a tested field ready supply of Primer Solution Kits or Multi-Plexing. Our engagement process is simple:

Client Kickoff

During this initial kick-off, our team of scientific advisors and researchers works with you to understand your goals and use cases for the test. We gather information about the specific pathogens or families of pathogens that need to be tested. We also gather information around you intended sample collection methods so that we can help custom tailor the solution to your needs. We also outline the cost implications of choosing us for manufacturing, hiring MrPi as a service for IP design or licensing the pathogen primers from MrPi after development. We are happy to assist with financial modeling and business case development that will help your organization come to the right decision.

Follow-up Session

We get back together during the next meeting to share our financial models and project plan with you and your team and formally kick of development. At this time, we also share the testing plan with you to insure the testing procedures will comply with your policies and regulatory needs

Design Phase

During the design phase, we use our patent pending technologies to kick-start and accelerate the development of your testing primers or signature’s

Manufacturing of Sample Run and Efficacy Testing

A small run of test primers of signature’s are built and the testing plan is kicked off to insure the primers are designed with efficacy.


Depending on your manufacturing goals, we either hand off the signatures and primer designs are delivery live field test kits along with documentation and live training to insure that your team is trained and ready to deploy the field tests effectively.

Use Cases

  • Medical
    • Filed Pandemic / Epidemic Testing during Crisis
    • Specific detection of early onset bacterial or viral illness
    • Simple and Cost effective replacements for more complicated viral testing
  • Veterinary
    • Tests for Specific Highly Economically impactful pathogens where early detection is key such as Bird Flu
    • Easy to use testing replacements for common infections such as Heartworm (see case study)
  • Agriculture, Food and Watery Safety
    • E Coli and Salmonella testing
    • Multi-Contaminate Panel for FDA Food safety
    • Analyzing Agricultural samples for specific illness that can effect crop yields
  • Drug and Vaccine Production

Heartworm Mini Case Study


We set out to develop a LAMP based test for heart worm for our friends at PetHearted. The goal was to develop a DNA based heartworm test that would be as easy to use as todays Antigen binding tests and cost no more than Antigen test kits. Our target wholesale test price was $2 to start and the goals of the test was to not only identify very early stage Heartworm exposure using a blood sample but to also be able to predict the heartworms development stage.

After 30 days of development, MrPi rolled out the PetHearted Heartworm test, accomplishing all of the goals set for the test.

8 sets of primers were designed to create a reaction with Heartworm DNA and amplify the subsequent reaction over the 45 minute rest period of the exposed test. The MrPi team was able to correlate the timing of the primer response with the development stage of the worm, allowing the tester or vet to gauge weather it was too late to administer heartworm medication or if the stage was early enough to treat with oral medication.

How the PetHearted Prediction Kit works:

A small blood sample added to a fresh test tube of primer. The primer test tube is sealed and slides into a heated stand. As the heartworm DNA reacts to the primer, the color of the clear liquid turns bright green after 15 minutes for late stage heartworm and after 45 minutes for early stage heartworm. As the test reacts with a very specific strain of DNA, there is absolutely no room for the test to error and show false positives.