About MrPi

About MrPi

When Dr. Raji Balasubramaniyan and her team at the CDC where working on building data management systems for epidemiologic surveillance, she had learned about the increasing need to provide highly responsive diagnostic tools for increasingly complex pandemics. Through their research, they built a number of tools that have been paramount in solving diagnostic needs. In 2014, Dr.Raji started MrPi Biotech to take her passion and vision further and build the next generation diagnostic application and solutions, motivated by a deep sense of need to help organizations respond effectively to increasingly complex diagnostic needs. Through her and the MrPi teams extensive experience in DNA Sequencing, Genetic Testing, RT-PCR, LAMP Testing, Kits, and Big Data Analytics / Predictive Modeling technologies, the MrPi team has developed a set of next generation diagnostic tools and data management services that promise to make diagnostics more efficient and effective than ever before.

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Our MrPi Cloud solution allows hospitals and Labs identify pathogens and their specific antibiotic and antiviral resistance characteristics. Our solution means that practitioners and testing laboratories can test a general sample for millions of viral, bacterial, and fungal strains and sub-strains. MrPi Cloud can also match viral diagnostics with their corresponding vaccine strains to detect if viral strains have mutated making a vaccine ineffective. The solution is easy to use and through a big data, cloud based approach can provide sample to diagnosis time of less than 24 hours. These tools are perfect for infectious disease labs to treat hard to diagnose patients as well as in aiding for early and fast response to pandemic, epidemic, Endemic and sporadic risk.

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Food Safety

We offer two types of food safety testing services. Our Targeted MrPi Food Safety test looks for 14 FDA Cited pathogens using a method that yields high sensitivity, specificity and effectiveness. The tests are cost effective and highly reliable.

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Our MrPi Cloud solution uses a single sample to detect the presence of from millions of possible pathogens including bacterium, fungi and viral pathogens or even beneficial probiotic bacteria.

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Our MrPi Veterinary Field test discovery service allows us to develop highly accurate and cost effective genetic field tests that can be used for identifying any specific pathogens in an easy to use package. These solutions can help manage livestock and veterinary problems before they get out of control.

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Read about our Early Detection Heartworm Field Test

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Our MrPi Cloud solution can diagnose samples for millions of possible pathogens including viral, bacterial, and fungal.

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Drug / Vaccine Product

The MrPi Vaccine solution is targeted to help vaccine and drug producers perform early cost effective contamination testing for safety verification before producers submit batches for much more expensive production safety tests, allow producers to lower their costs by catching issues early and inexpensively before moving through the FDA's testing and approval process.

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Products and Services

MrPi Cloud Broad Pathogen Detection

The MrPi Cloud solution is an application and service analyzes any sample against millions of known pathogens including bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens. The Cloud can also detect sub-strains of pathogens and report on antibiotic resistance, prevalence in the sample and in the case or viral pathogens, corresponding vaccines. A single sample can be analyzed for millions of possible pathogens in less than 24 hours and is both highly reliable and cost effective. Use Cases include:
  • Lab Based Medical Testing and Infectious disease
  • Veterinary Applications for livestock and pets
  • Agriculture and Food Safety Exploratory Testing
  • Vaccine and Drug Safety early detection

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Genetics based Field Test Development Process

We offer a fully outsourced Field Test Development service where we work with you and your specific target bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens to develop a highly cost effective and accurate field test which uses Genetics to make field testing incredibly effective, scalable and easy to use. Solutions can range from a single pathogen to multi-pathogen panel. We offer versions that will work great in your labs or are designed specifically for the field and are stable in most environments and climates, making field test logistics simpler and more cost effective. Our field tests also offer a great solution for early detection and can indicate the stage of the pathogens development in a sample. We also provide outsourced supply services and can deliver a new pathogen field test in as little time as 30 days.

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We have developed a highly accurate early heartworm detection test and would love to tell you about it:

Read our case study on our early detection Heartworm test


Please get in touch with us for more information about our products and services or if you would like to discuss partnership opportunities

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MrPi Team

  • Dr. Raji Balasubramaniyan
    CEO / Founder
    With over 14 years of extensive experience in working, leading and managing various data science and bioinformatics projects, she has worked as a senior data scientist and expert in machine learning in both the private and public sectors for organizations like the CDC and Cox.
  • Dr. Melih Gunay
    Scientific Advisor
    As a MrPi Scientific Advisor, Dr. Melih been pivotal in helping MrPi get past technical challenges and continue to delivery revolutionary diagnostic solutions
  • Dr.Robert Newman
    Scientific Advisor
  • Dr. Salam Ibrahim
    Scientific Advisor